Don't Let Snow and Ice Dictate Your Life

Keep moving this winter with our ice and snow removal services in Roanoke, Troutville & Salem, VA

Do you struggle to keep your doors open when winter storms hit? Let Star City Land Innovations LLC take care of your property this season. We offer ice and snow removal services to clear your walkways and parking lot.

Don't let inclement weather disrupt your business. Call us today for snow and ice removal services in Roanoke, Smith Mountain Lake & Salem, VA.

How we take on winter

How we take on winter

At Star City Land Innovations, we provide both preventive and reactive ice and snow removal services. We'll help you weather the storm by:

  • Salting the ground-don't let ice and snow stick around
  • Scraping ice-keep your driveways, sidewalks and walkways clear
  • Removing snow-get snow and slush out of your way

Don't let the cold slow you down. Get ahead of winter woes-contact Star City Land Innovations today to set up snow and ice removal services.